BIO on 'The Welder's Wife'

‘Traditional Domestic Engineer’ since 1978, with a ‘degree’ in sharing the same roof with my
widowed Mother-in-law for about 17½ years. (Some days I prayed, ”O LORD give me the grace
to live with her, & O God, please give her the grace to live with me!” lol!) I have another
‘degree’ in being a barren wife for about 9½ years, & in the meantime helping raise a niece &
nephew. When I was 31 God answered our prayers & I gave birth to a son. Before he started
school, we moved to Salmon, Idaho. There we put him in a Christian school. During his first year
in school I became the sewing teacher. Then for the next 4 years I was the kindergarten
teacher, & then the following 5 years I was the school administrator (chief, cook, & bottle
washer, secretary, bathroom cleaner, & all that sort of thing, as well as teaching).

In 1999, at the LORD’s bidding, while living in Salmon, Idaho, I took up a project that had been
sitting on the back burner of my ‘bucket list’ for about 14 years. I began to write a novel about
Noah & his family, with the focus being centered around Shem & his wife. Because of the
nature of such a project, I began to research Creation Science intensely, which in turn led to
presenting Creation Science Booths, & eventually teaching Creation Science to other women, &
also setting up a ‘Women’s Resources On Creation Science’ website. { }

Around the time our son was starting 10th grade, we moved to Montana (in the Missoula area) &
I home-schooled him through the rest of high school. He has since grown up, graduated from
college, & now lives in Washington. And so I now have some ‘degrees’ in Motherhood, Christian
Education, & Home-schooling. At this point in time both our niece & nephew & our son are
walking with the LORD. (& my Mother-in-law has been with the LORD for over 4½ years.)

During High School our son’s language elective was Hebrew, & so when he was in 12th grade, he
& I began attending a Messianic Jewish Synagogue so that he could experience some of the
culture connected with Hebrew. That became a turning point in my Creation Science Research!
The leader of the Messianic Congregation encouraged everyone to start learning Hebrew so
that we would be able to read from a Torah Scroll. {The Torah is the first 5 books of the Bible, &
a Torah Scroll is written in Hebrew.} Our Hebrew Teacher was also into Creation Science &
owned just about every video & dvd that ICR & AIG had produced up to that point in time. He
started us off by teaching us how to use the tools to translate Genesis 1:1. It took me a long
time to work through that verse! Then he gave us Genesis 1:2. Translating became just a little
bit easier.... Afterwards he added the next verse! And so it went…. About 4 months into his
class, one day he mentioned how he had just finished translating Genesis chapters 1 through
11, & it had taken him 9 months to do so. I then decided that that’s what I also needed to do, so
that my research on Noah & his family would be as accurate as possible. It took me 3½ years to
translate those 11 chapters, & the LORD took our Hebrew Teacher home before I finished. Since
then I have gone back & re-edited the novel (& am still in that process) & have also continued
to research the Genesis 1-11 Hebrew Text, as well as translate the earliest names in the
European genealogies because they too are Ancient Hebrew words. All my research is up on the
W-ROCS web site.

And as for my husband of 33½ years, he has very graciously allowed me to do all these things!

The Welder’s Wife
November 7th, 2011