Treasured Rocks in the Jewelry Box

(links to CS websites & some others)

I have lot's of 'rocks' in my jewelry box that I treasure, but I don't wear everything that's in it. In a similar way,
there may be some material on some of these web sites, including some theology, that I don't endorse.
Nevertheless, each 'link' is a 'treasured rock'. This is Dr Ken Ham’s website, called ‘Answers In Genesis’. He's an Aussie!
He got started because when he was teaching High School in Australia, the local pastors asked him why the students
were treating their weekly Bible classes with disrespect. He told them that it was because they were being taught
the theory of evolution 5 days a week in school. Once the Pastors began to refute evolution, then the students
began to pay attention. [I was one of those Australian high school students being taught evolution during that time...
but the pastors over me weren't previ to the conversation, so it took some Yanks from the Space Base in Alice Springs,
N.T. to straighten me out!] His website is excellent for research on all kinds of questions. It also has some
life-changing cartoons! It has a huge online bookstore, which includes homeschool & VBS material. AIG has a museum.
One last thought: Right from the start Ken Ham's words have been what has motivated me concerning the importance of
the Creation Science message. He has a way of making us see clearly why we do what we do! I thank God for him! This is an excellent web site! It’s one of the best that I have ever seen.
It’s an ‘encyclopedia’ of Creation Science Material. It’s author is a guy named Paul Abramson. One of his goals is
to get Creation Science Material in as many languages as possible. He now has CREATION SCIENCE MATERIAL
IN OVER 40 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES ON HIS WEB SITE. There are also several Creation Science Books
and other research material that can be read for free at the site. Their full name is 'CREATION, EVOLUTION, & SCIENCE MINISTRIES'.
They are located in Arizona. The guy who heads it up is Russ Miller. He's an excellent speaker! He uses a lot of
Kent Hovind's material; however, he has added his own C.S. research & it's current! I could say more, but you really
need to listen to him. They also do tours of the Grand Canyon. This is Dr Walt Brown’s website. He’s the guy who came up with the ‘Hydroplate Theory’.
You can read his book on line, or order a copy of it. He updates his book as new information comes in. The lessons
in this material are based on the‘Hydroplate Theory’. I also used his book for homeschooling and I highly recommend it.
I hold Flood theories up to the light of the Hebrew Text. The Hydroplate Theory fits. The others don't.
The Hydroplate Theory is also the logical interpretation of ocean floor maps that include the Mid Ocean Ridge. Creation Science Hall Of Fame
Its purpose is to honor those who honor God’s Word as literally written in Genesis.
There is a list of about 3,000 scientists & scholars who doubt Darwin in an article titled "Darwin Skeptics".
There’s many more but they are afraid to go public because it will jeopardize their jobs.
Creation Science Hall Of Fame is seeking to build a place where ‘Darwin-Skeptics’ are honored and their scientific
accomplishments are displayed.
I wrote articles for them from 2013 to 2015. My articles can be found in the Blog section under Pam Elder. Is Eric Hovind’s Website. It was formally . Creation Minute is an exciting series hosted by Eric Hovind that explores the creation worldview
using cutting-edge visual effects and digital technology. Each episode challenges the evolution theory and gives
evidence of the Bible's historical and scientific accuracy. Montana's very own Creation Science Dinosaur Museum. It's located in Glendive.
It's called Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum. The web address is also a place to go if you are looking for a Fossil Dig. 'Searching for the tombs of Noah’s family' is an article
well worth reading. is where you will find THE EVOLUTION HANDBOOK ( formerly titled 'The Evolution Cruncher')
and The EVOLUTION ENCYCLOPEDIA. has Robert Gentry’s online book titled ‘Creation’s Tiny Mystery’, & a film about it called
‘Fingerprints of Creation’. These are the radio haloes that prove that Granite was created in less than 3 minutes.
You can also find information that’s a little easier to understand on Robert Gentry’s findings on the OOPARTS website. ‘Institute for Creation Research’. This is where you send your friends with PhD’s & BA’s & those who are
skeptics. It was started by Dr Henry Morris. The technical brains get together & do research through this organization.
Address: Institute for Creation Research, P.O. Box 59029, Dallas, Texas 75229
Business address: 1806 Royal Lane, Dallas, Texas 75229 is the best website for all the latest research on Noah's Ark. That's where you can read
on line 'The Explorers of Ararat & The Search for Noah's Ark' by B.J. Corbin. The goal of the Northwest Science Museum is to be a "Natural History" museum from both
Biblical and Naturalistic (evolutionary) points of view. Visitors can then make an informed decision about origins.
For more information, go to their website, or look them up on Facebook. Want to know what’s happening in the North West? NW Creation Network is a good place to find out.
It includes info on the Seattle Creation Conference and other Creation Science Symposiums. Lots of good stuff there!
They also have a Facebook page called Northwest Creation Network ‘OOPARTS (Out OF Place Artifacts) & Ancient High Technology _evidence of Noah’s Flood.’
This is one of the best websites that I know of to find OOPARTS & Ancient High Technologies. It has all kinds of
pictures & information on just about anything that you can think of that pertains to archeological evidences &
pre-flood man that have been found. It has pictures of giants, & metal objects that have been found in coal, & actual
pictures of dinosaurs within the past century that have washed up on the beach, & lots of other stuff. The website
probably has more than a 100 pages. Incase you havent seen this it’s a 3D model of the whole earth. You will be able to see some
of the stuff on the Ocean Floor as well as what’s on land. This web site is mind blowing