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October 31st, 2014... It's been a looong 'summer season'!
It started at the beginning of May when I handed in my manuscript to Xulon Press for ‘Mother of The Middle East’…
...It’s about the lifetime of Shem as told by his wife!
Then about a month later my husband cut his leg with a grinder. After the first round of stitches were
removed, it split back open and became infected & he ended up having surgery to remove the infection.
Consequently because he couldn't go back to work for a while, we took a trip down to Boise and were able
to be there for the grand opening of the Vision Center for the Northwest Science Museum (See it on Facebook).
Northwest Science Museum ...They have some of the ICA Stones on display!
Then around the beginning of August while we were doing the Creation Science booth at the Missoula Fair
'Mother of the Middle East' came out in print! There's a facebook page for it
Mother of The Middle East
Then around the end of August while we were presenting the Creation Science booth down at the Hamilton Fair
'Mother of The Middle East' came out in e-book format!
And I am so grateful to the LORD for bringing these things to pass!
Then the 'summer season' from my perspective finished up last week with teaching the Torah portion on Noach at Beth Tephila.
So today I finally washed my living-room windows!

March 2014 For almost a year now I have been writing articles for 'Creation News'
on a website called 'Creation Science Hall Of Fame'
My first article was 'Why is there a nail in HaShem?' (See April Archives under 'Creation News')

Then I wrote a series on Genesis 1 in the Hebrew Text (See June and July 2013 Archives)
I tackled Genesis 2 in August,
and wrote an article titled 'Ararat described in Genesis 10 names' in October, and 2 more in January 2014.
There are others writing for this website too, and they are putting out some awesome articles
and coming up with some amazing research.
Here's one: 'Global Flood gains astronomical fix' (See May 2013 Archives)
Then there are some follow-up articles posted in June and August,
and then I add some research on the subject in January 2014 titled
'God's Water-Marks (Luke & Genesis)'
Another one of my favorites is 'Hydroplate theory v. plate tectonics' (posted a year ago)

May 3rd, 2012... I just add a new section called "Brain Pickers!" In the Northwest God has given us stewardship of some
amazing land features created as a result of the Flood. He has also put on our hearts to raise up a Creation Science Museum
down in the Bosie Idaho area, which will present those land features from a Creationist understanding.
The presentations will also have the evolutionist's understanding so that people will be able to see both sides of the story
& make their own choices. If you would like to know more about it, click on the 'Northwest Science Museum'
link in the 'Brain Pickers'section up above.

February 7th, 2011... The latest research on this web site is the Hebrew translation of the names closest to Noah
in the Irish & British genealogies found in the book titled 'After The Flood' by Bill Cooper B.A. Hons.
It's more evidence that Hebrew was the original language. The name of the research document is titled
'Magog's and Javan's Descendants'. It's in the 'Turning Over Every Stone'(Creation Science Hebrew Research Project) section.
See index above. If you know of any other genealogies where the names are within 3 generations of Noah, they are probably
ancient Hebrew words and contain valuable information if they can be translated. If you know of any, please let me know.


God's 'Simple Things'

He defeated the mighty Nephilim (& Lemech ben Kahyin & his band)
with a wooden box
built by some humble farmers (Noach & his family).
He confounds the ungodly
with simple things!
His ways are past finding out

He defeated the terrible curse
with a Lamb upon a stick,
secured to that stick by some nails.
He confounds the schemes of darkness
with simple things!
His ways are past finding out.

And when He rolls the sky up like a scroll
that will be the end of the discussion on evolution!
& He will defeat all the world's military might
with a single Rider upon a white horse!
He confounds arrogant fools
with simple things!
His ways are past finding out.