Yes, but...

  1. Baby Jesus, Eternal God [presented by a certain welder from Alberton, Montana, December 2011]

  2. Aunt Peg's Blessings: Sometimes we wonder if we are making any impact at all for Godís Kingdom.

  3. Some thoughts on Dr Kent Hovind

  4. Magayn Yishaynu (Shield of our Salvation)

  5. GottaThinkAboutIt! Techno Nativity


  7. Why Women Should NOT be Pastors of Men

  8. The Three Brothers: resolving issues among Believers

  9. 3 Days In The Grave, which 3 days?

  10. A Treasured Moment In Time

  11. The Cause of World War 2 (writtern by a 15 year old)

  12. American Holocaust (writtern by a 15 year old)

  13. A challenge for you...

  14. A Mother-in-law and God's grace!

  15. about 'Baptism' (by a certain Welder)

  16. Commitment and teamwork between a husband and wife.

  17. Chicken Soup (from the Welder's Wife)

  18. Grandma Barbara's 7 Bone Chuck Roast

  19. Do you really want to be conformed into His image?