Turning over every stone...
(Hebrew Research Project)

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Hebrew Research Project:

  1. Introduction for Creation Science Hebrew Research Project.

  2. Why Research The Hebrew?

  3. Genesis 1:1-2:4 updated October 16th, 2009

  4. Holding up Geological Flood Theories to the Light of The Hebrew Text

  5. Why Are There 2 Waters Beyond The Universe?

  6. About Aleph-Tav

  7. Genesis 2:5-25 UPDATED 6/21/2010

  8. Garden of Eden Location

  9. Genesis 3:1-24

  10. Genesis 4:1-15. {See also 'Not Your Grandpas' section}

  11. Genesis 4:16-18 {See also 'Not Your Grandpas' section}

  12. Genesis 4:19-24 {See also 'Not Your Grandpas' section}

  13. Genesis 4:25-26 UPDATED 8/19/2010

  14. Genesis 5:1-32 {See also 'Your Grandpas' section}

  15. NAMES of God

  16. Genesis 6:1-8 {See also 'Nephilim' in 'Not Your Grandpas' section}

  17. Genesis 6:9-8:19 {See also 'Noah' in 'Your Grandpas' section}

  18. Genesis 8:20 to 9:17

  19. Genesis 9:18-29 {See also 'Ch'naan ben Cham' in 'Your Grandpas' section}

  20. Genesis 10: The Names are describing Volcanic Activity. updated 1-26-11

  21. Genesis 10 Volcanic Activity...MORE RESEARCH...updated Sept.2010

  22. The Names in Genesis 10 are Describing Mount Ararat
  23. (putting it all together) updated July 2010

  24. Sons of Eber: Peleg (Divided) and Joktan (Diminished) Genesis 10 Updated, Dec 8th, 2010

  25. Secular genealogies that demonstrate Hebrew as 'The Original Language'
    • Magog's and Javan's Descendants
      The Hebrew translation of the earliest names in Magog (Irish) & Javan (British)
      genealogies from 'After The Flood' by Bill Cooper B.A. Hons.
      (Also includes Hebrew translation of Noah's wife's name on last page.)

  26. Hebrew stuff pertaining to the text

  27. Creation Science pertaining to the text & other jewels